Semi Automatic

Our semi-automatic blow molding machine that is ideal for producing PET bottles ranging from 50ml to 20L, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. It features infrared heaters that can be independently adjusted and has a simple structure, ensuring stable operation.

Features & Benefits

Wide application range, capable of producing PET bottles with capacities ranging from 50ml to 20L, in various shapes and sizes.

Microcomputer automatic control, for easy operation.

Pre-blowing function, which enhances the quality of PET bottles and reduces the reject rate.

Advanced air path design, with single or dual inlet options, low-pressure mechanical clamping, sealing, stretching, and high-pressure blowing.

Infrared heating of the preform, with independent control of each layer, variable frequency speed regulation, and cold air cooling of the bottle mouth, resulting in the best blowing accuracy.

Modular design for easy maintenance and repair.

Applications where Semi Automatic is used

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    Products Parts

    High Pressure Air Compressor

    A high pressure air compressor is an essential component in the blow molding process as it is used to generate and maintain the high pressure required to shape the plastic material into the desired mold shape.

    Low Pressure Air Compressor

    A low pressure air compressor is also an important component in the blow molding process, as it is used to supply the compressed air required to inflate the plastic material into the desired shape.As with high pressure air compressors, it is recommended to consult with a professional in the field of compressed air systems to help determine the best low pressure air compressor for your specific blow molding application.

    Air Purify System

    An air purifying system is an important component of a blow molding machine as it is used to clean and purify the compressed air before it is used in the blow molding process

    Water Chiller

    A water chiller is an important component in the blow molding process as it is used to cool the mold and the plastic material during the blow molding process. The use of a water chiller is important as it helps to ensure that the plastic material maintains its desired shape and quality.


    Technical Parameter
    Model MS-2L MS-5L MS-10L MS-20L
    Max Bottle Volume 3L 5L 10L 20L
    Neck Size 18-49mm 18-80mm 38-120mm 38-120mm
    Max Bottle Diameter 105mm 190mm 200mm 300mm
    Max Bottle Height 360mm 350mm 420mm 550mm
    Max Heating Power 19KW 28KW 50KW 50KW
    Install Power 22KW 29KW 52KW 52KW
    Blowing Pressure 2.5-4.0Mpa 2.5-4.0Mpa 2.5-4.0Mpa 2.5-4.0Mpa
    Blower Dimension 1.65*0.65*1.70mm 1.95*0.65*1.80mm 1.90*0.70*1.70mm 2.50*0.80*1.90mm
    Oven Dimension 1.70*0,85*1.35mm 1.80*0.60*1.31mm 2.10*0.60*1.35mm 2.60*0.70*1.58mm
    Machine Weight 900KGS 820KGS 1100KGS 1450KGS

    Electric Configuration

    PLC Mitsubishi
    Touch Screen Mitsubishi
    Proximity Sensor Autonics
    Gear Motor ECERGEAR
    Sealing Cylinder Airtac
    Clamping Cylinder SMC
    Rotary Cylinder SMC
    Transfer Motor Xinjie
    Preform Feeding Motor Xinjie
    High Pressure Valves Parker
    Low Pressure Valves Festo
    Magnetic Sensor Airtac
    Contactor Schneider


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