Full automatically carton sealer

Automatic fold carton sealer is a machine used to fold and seal the cardboard carton efficiently.

Features & Benefits

Our accessories are built to last, using cutting-edge independent technology and high-quality imported parts and electrical components.

Automatically adjusts the width and height based on the size of the box, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

Safety is a top priority – our machine is equipped with a blade guard to prevent injuries while operating.

All operations can be carried out automatically, making unmanned packing possible.

Not only capable of working independently, but can also seamlessly integrate into an automated assembly line for optimized efficiency.

Applications where Full automatically carton sealer is used

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    Products Parts

    Automatic Folding Sealing
    Automatic Folding Sealing

    Automatically fold the top cover of the carton and sealing with tape.

    Tape Application
    Top Application

    Can be applicable for the 48/60/75mm adheisve tapes.


    Large loading capacity, can hold up to 40KG heavy weight.

    High Quality Belt
    High Quality Belt

    High quality leather belt with strong grip,durable and stable transmission.

    Electronic Cabinet
    Electronic Cabinet

    Serves as the central hub for controlling and powering the machine’s electrical and electronic components, enabling efficient and automated operation of the carton sealing process.


    Technical Parameter
    Model FX-50
    Conveyor Speed 0-20m/min
    Applicable Carton Size L200-550 x W150-500 x H150-500mm
    Applicable Tape Size 48mm, 60mm, 72mm
    Applicable Tape OPP
    Tabel Height 600-750mm (Adjustable)
    Power 400W,220V 50Hz
    Airpressure 5kg.f/cm-100nl/min
    Machine Size L1780 x W950 x H1520mm
    Weight 180Kg

    Electric Configuration

    Motor GPG/Taiwai
    Cylinder Airtac/Taiwan
    Limit Switch Omron/Japan
    Solenoid Valve Airtac/Taiwan
    AC Contactor Schneider/France
    Intermediate Relay Schneider/France
    Button Switch Schneider/France


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