Big Bottle Blow Molding Machine

The large bottle blow molding machine is an efficient, speedy, and convenient solution for producing a wide variety of bottles under 20 liters. With its versatile capabilities, it can create bottles for various industries, including food packaging, edible oil, soda and mineral water, fruit juice, wine, cosmetics, and more. Whether you need a high volume of bottles or a customized design, this machine can meet your production needs with ease.

Features & Benefits

The blowing machine features precise and stable servo control for clamping, ensuring quiet and smooth operation.

Its unique pitch-changing structure allows preforms to be closely arranged during heating and then expanded when entering the blow mold, resulting in a more compact machine with a shorter oven and greater energy efficiency.

An optional air recycle system further reduces compressor usage and energy consumption by recycling high-pressure air as a low-pressure air resource.

The machine is easy to install and operate.

Applications where Big Bottle Blow Molding Machine is used

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    Products Parts

    Perform Feeding System

    Servo motors are used to separate the preform, effectively solving the problem of wear between the stuck and blown preforms.

    Preform Transfer System

    The horizontal movement of the blown bottle system is driven by a servo motor, which can achieve twice the speed of the cylinder push mode, making it more precise and faster.

    Mold Clamping System

    The reaction time can be shortened to 50% of the traditional pneumatic drive, with a simple structure, no wear, and an extended service life.

    Constant Temperature Oven

    Our efficient constant temperature oven uses advanced infrared lamps, individually controlled layers, intelligent temperature control, self-rotation for even heating, and neck cooling with recycling water to prevent deformation.

    Labeling Device

    It is a mechanical pressure system that attaches the label to the bottle or container, completing the labeling process.


    Technical Parameter
    Model BS5-2 BS-10L-2 BS-20L-1 BS-20L-2
    Cavity Pitch Variable Variable Variable Variable
    Cavity Quantity 2 2 1 2
    Max Bottle Volume 5L 12L 20L 20L
    Neck Size 60mm 80mm 80mm 80mm
    Max Bottle Diameter 200mm 210mm 290mm 290mm
    Max Bottle Height 350mm 430mm 480mm 480mm
    Max Heating Power 66KW 70KW 53KW 80KW
    Install Power 68KW 74KW 55KW 86KW
    Blowing Pressure 2.5-4.0Mpa 2.5-4.0Mpa 2.5-4.0Mpa 2.5-4.0Mpa
    Main Machine Dimension 3.5*2.2*2.4m 5.0*1.8*2.0mm 3.7*1.5*2.1m 5.0*1.8*2.1m
    Preform Unscrambler Dimension 1.1*0.8*2.8m 1.4*0.8*2.5m 1.4*0.8*2.5m 1.4*0.8*2.5m
    Auto Loader DImension 1.16*2.4*2.83m 1.5*3.0*3.5m 1.5*3.0*3.5m 1.5*3.0*3.5m
    Machine Weight 4000KGS 5000KGS 4000KGS 5000KGS

    Electric Configuration

    PLC Mitsubishi
    Touch Screen Mitsubishi
    Proximity Sensor Autonics
    Gear Motor ECERGEAR
    Sealing Cylinder Airtac
    Clamping Cylinder SMC
    Rotary Cylinder SMC
    Transfer Motor Xinjie
    Preform Feeding Motor Xinjie
    High Pressure Valves Parker
    Low Pressure Valves Festo
    Magnetic Sensor Airtac
    Contactor Schneider


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