Cold Glue Labeling Machine

Our cold glue labeler is designed for round bottle labeling, suitable for all kinds of round bottle labeling. Widely used for round containers in food factories, can factories, liquor factories, general chemical plants, and pharmaceutical enterprises.


What is the Cold Glue Labeling Machine

The cold glue labeling is an ideal labeler for front, shoulder, neck ring labels and tamper-evident seals in humid environments and on wet container surfaces.

Cold glue is also an excellent method for heat-sensitive materials and reduces the risk of burn-related worker injuries. Glue is dispensed directly onto the container and solidified during the label application.

This labelling machine is a fully-automatic line-type machine for cold glue labelling, which is suitable for different container sizes and round bottle shapes with high labelling accuracy with low glue consumption.

Features & Benefits

Glue tank and stainless steel roller have precise processing to ensure leak-free operation

Special rubber roller is processed through multiple steps to ensure it is wear-resistant, non-deformable, and applies glue evenly and lightly, thereby saving glue.

Vacuum suction label with a belt ensures smooth pasting of labels onto bottles.

Photoelectric sensor detects bottles to ensure there are no unlabeled bottles.

The use of a frequency converter allows for free adjustment of the motor speed, thereby controlling labeling capacity.

It can operate as a standalone machine or be connected to a production line.

Equipped with a manual adjustment device, making it easy to adjust and operate.

Applications where Cold Glue Labeling Machine is used

  • cold-glue-application
  • Sauce Bottle
  • cold-glue-Product
    Plastic Bottle
  • cold-glue-Product
  • cold-glue-product
  • cold-glue-product
    Glass Bottle

    Products Parts

    Bottle Feeding Screw

    It is a rotating mechanism that transports empty or filled bottles or other containers from one end to the next section.

    Label Storge Box

    It is a box or compartment for storing labels, which stores a large number of labels and provides them for subsequent processing.

    Gluing Device

    The glue tank and stainless steel roller are precisely machined for perfect compatibility, and the glue can be used and extracted at any time without leakage.

    Vacuum Label Pickup

    It is a vacuum suction cup or mechanism that picks up the label from the storage box and transfers it for labeling.

    Labeling Device

    It is a mechanical pressure system that attaches the label to the bottle or container, completing the labeling process.


    Technical Parameter
    Model CG-S100
    Labeling speed 30-100 bottle/min
    Labeling material Paper
    Labeling precision ±1mm
    Conveyor length 3m
    Applicable bottle diameter 30-110mm
    Applicable label length 30-300mm
    Applicable label width 30-150mm
    Power supply 1.2KW
    Voltage 380V 50HZ
    Weight 550KG

    Electric Configuration

    PLC LG/Korea
    Main drive motor MOTOVARIO/Italy
    Conveyor motor LM/Taiwan
    Main transducer Delta/Taiwan
    Vacuum machine EMORE HORN/Taiwan
    Photoelectric control Omron/Japan
    Bearing NSK/Japan
    Control button Schneider/France
    Vacuum belt NITTA/Japan
    Circuit breaker Schneider/France
    Solenoid valve SMC

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