High Speed Pet

Our high speed blow molding machine is an eco-friendly, full electric PET blow molding machine. Its advanced technology ensures high output and low power consumption, making it a cost-effective and efficient solution for manufacturing needs. It meets the demands of various industries, including food and beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. Investing in this machine enhances production efficiency while reducing environmental impact.

Features & Benefits

The machine is computer-controlled with a clear and easy-to-use operation interface.

The machine adopts a drawer-type mold positioning design, making mold replacement quick and easy. Aluminum molds can be easily replaced within half an hour.

The machine is equipped with a fully-enclosed safety door system, ensuring the safety of the operating personnel to the greatest extent.

The machine is equipped with a multi-point photoelectric detection system to protect the positioning system, clamping system, and stretching system during operation.

Applications where High Speed Pet is used

  • Automatic Economical Blow Molding Machine usage
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    Products Parts

    Perform Feeding System

    Servo motors are used to separate the preform, effectively solving the problem of wear between the stuck and blown preforms.

    Preform Transfer System

    The horizontal movement of the blown bottle system is driven by a servo motor, which can achieve twice the speed of the cylinder push mode, making it more precise and faster.

    Mold Clamping System

    The reaction time can be shortened to 50% of the traditional pneumatic drive, with a simple structure, no wear, and an extended service life.

    Constant Temperature Oven

    Our efficient constant temperature oven uses advanced infrared lamps, individually controlled layers, intelligent temperature control, self-rotation for even heating, and neck cooling with recycling water to prevent deformation.

    Labeling Device

    It is a mechanical pressure system that attaches the label to the bottle or container, completing the labeling process.


    Technical Parameter
    Cavity Pitch 114.3mm 76.2mm 114.3mm 76.2mm
    Cavity Quantity 4 6 6 9
    Max Bottle Volume 2L 750ml 2L 750ml
    Neck Size 18-38mm 18-38mm 18-38mm 18-38mm
    Max Bottle Diameter 105mm 70mm 105mm 70mm
    Max Bottle Height 330mm 260mm 330mm 260mm
    Capacity 4500-5500BPH 9000-10000BPH 6500-8000BPH 12000-13000BPH
    Max Heating Power 50KW 65KW 85KW 85KW
    Install Power 60KW 70KW 90KW 90KW
    Blowing Pressure 2.5-4.0Mpa 2.5-4.0Mpa 2.5-4.0Mpa 2.5-4.0Mpa
    Main Machine Dimension 3.5*2.0*2.3m 4.3*2.15*2.25m 5.8*2.2*2.3m 5.8*2.2*2.3m
    Preform Unscrambler Dimension 1.1*0.9*2.4m 1.3*0.6*2.75m 1.4*0.8*3.03m 1.4*0.8*3.03m
    Auto Loader Dimension 0.97*2.5*3.2m 1.16*1.6*3.3m 1.16*1.6*3.3m 1.16*1.6*3.3m
    Machine Weight 5000KGS 5500KGS 8000KGS 8000KGS

    Electric Configuration

    PLC Mitsubishi
    Touch Screen Mitsubishi
    Proximity Sensor Autonics
    Gear Motor ECERGEAR
    Sealing Cylinder Airtac
    Clamping Cylinder SMC
    Rotary Cylinder SMC
    Transfer Motor Xinjie
    Preform Feeding Motor Xinjie
    High Pressure Valves Parker
    Low Pressure Valves Festo
    Magnetic Sensor Airtac
    Contactor Schneider


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