High speed horizontal carton erector

High-speed carton erectors are designed to rapidly open and form cartons, allowing for a faster packaging process and increased production efficiency.

Features & Benefits

The whole machine adopts CAM continuous system, keep the machine runs stably and durable.

Carton storage adopts horizontal, the cartons can be replenished at any time,no need to stop the machine.

With safety door switch protection device,the machine will be stopped once pen the door.

No carton warning and reminding.

No glue or tape warning function, automatically alarm and stop after the tape are used out.

The machine is designed to automatic sucking,forming the bottom.

Applications where High speed horizontal carton erector is used

  • box package
    Box package

    Products Parts

    Carton Storge

    The carton storage adopts a horizontal arrangement, allowing for replenishment of empty paper boxes at any time without stopping the production process.

    Bottom Sealing

    Automatically fold seal the bottom of carton via OPP tape.

    Touch Screen

    The operation interface is simple, which is convenient for the operator to input data and adjust.

    High-performance Motor

    The stable, powerful and durable motor is selected, which can work quickly and efficiently without interruption, with strong stability.

    Alarm Function

    With tape and carton out of material alarm function, no material is automatically reminded, which is convenient for operators to add materials in time.


    Technical Parameter
    Model KX-25
    Speed 0~25cartons/min
    Carton Storage Quantity 50pieces, carton thickness 1000mm
    Applicable Carton Size L 250-450 xW 150-350 x H 150-350mm
    Applicable Tape Size 48mm, 60mm, 72mm
    Air Consumption 6kg/cm2, 450NL/min
    Power 1KW,220V 50Hz
    Machine Size L2268xW1330xH1700mm
    Weight 990Kg

    Electric Configuration

    PLC Siemens/Germany
    Touch Screen MCGS
    Motor GPG/Taiwai
    Cylinder Airtac/Taiwan
    Pressure reducing valve FESTO
    Sensor SICK/Banner


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