Semi-auto Carton Sealer

A carton sealer is a machine used in packaging and manufacturing industries to automatically seal the top of the cardboard boxes or cartons once they have been filled.

Technical Parameter

Model FX-A50/FX-B50
Conveyor Speed 0-20m/min
Applicable Carton Size L Longer than 150mm x W100-500mm x H100-500mm
Applicable Tape Size 48mm, 60mm, 72mm
Applicable Tape OPP
Tabel Height 600-750mm (Adjustable)
Power 240W,220V 50Hz
Machine Size L850*W859*H1530mm
Weight 100Kg

Electric Configuration

Motor GPG/Taiwai
Cylinder Airtac/Taiwan
Limit Switch Omron/Japan
Solenoid Valve Airtac/Taiwan
AC Contactor Schneider/France
Intermediate Relay Schneider/France
Button Switch Schneider/France

Machine Introduction&Features

The transmission design of our semi-auto cartoner sealing machine is divided into two type, driven by two sides of the belt nad drive by up and down belt.Both these two types can automatically adjust the height and width for different sizes of cartons manually It is an ideal choice for enterprises to save costs and improve production efficiency. This sealing machine is widely used in food, medicine, toys, tobacco, daily chemical, electronics and other industries.

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Device function

Automatically fold the top of the carton and sealing


Automatically adjusts the width and height based on the size of the box, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

Protective measures

Safety is a top priority - our machine is equipped with a blade guard to prevent injuries while operating.

Fully Automated Packing for Unmanned Operation

All operations can be carried out automatically, making unmanned packing possible.

Flexible Integration for Optimized Efficiency

Not only capable of working independently, but can also seamlessly integrate into an automated assembly line for optimized efficiency.

Product Details

  Name Description
Top and Bottom Belt Driven Use four belts to complete the upper and lower drive sealing box, ensuring the sealing box is smooth and fast, and is used in lighter and narrower cartons.
Left and Right Belt Driven Belt drive on both sides (left & right), it is suitable for light cartons, the upper & lower sealing is fast and smooth.
Intelligent Adjustment Manually adjust height and width according to carton size within only 1 minute.
Tape Application Can be applicable for the 48/60/75mm adheisve tapes.
Low-energy Motor Equipped with 2 Omron Motors, fast speed, low cost, sealing smoothly and stably, continuous uninterrupted operation.


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