Low level palletizer

The low-level palletizer is a popular stacking equipment in the current market, which can meet the low to medium volume palletizing needs of businesses. It allows for the setting of the palletizing method and the number of layers according to the product requirements, and is suitable for a variety of products such as bagged, boxed, and film-wrapped items. Additionally, the palletizing effect of this equipment is flat, compact, and stable.

Features & Benefits

It is controlled by a PLC and a touch screen, enabling easy and intelligent operation management that reduces labor costs and intensity.

It adopts a high-speed, stable, and space-saving design philosophy.

It uses a separated disc for stacking, which is faster and more space-efficient.

It has a high degree of versatility, allowing for quick adjustments and suitability for a wide range of product specifications.

The low-level palletizer is an ideal choice for efficient and flexible production.

Applications where Low level palletizer is used

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    Products Parts

    Accelerating Conveyor Belt

    A conveyor belt system with two belts of different speeds, where the speed of the rear belt is more than twice that of the front belt. The speed difference can be adjusted using a frequency converter to control the distance between two boxes. This system is designed to create a gap between boxes by using the speed difference, which helps them turn more easily.

    Sorting and Buffering System

    This system uses rollers to transport cartons into the main palletizer unit. To better accommodate customer sorting requirements, an adjustable separator device has been added beneath the system, which can be freely adjusted using a handle to enable multiple sorting configurations. This provides convenient and efficient sorting options, ultimately improving productivity.

    Pallet supply system

    This mechanism can hold up to 10 empty pallets, which are sequentially and orderly placed onto a conveyor belt for empty pallets using a pneumatic cylinder.

    Case Steering Mechanism

    This system enables the controlled rotation of case along a conveyor line. During straight-line movement, the bottom conveyor line moves at the same speed as the rear portion of the accelerating belt line. However, when a 90° rotation is required, a cylinder rapidly extends to block one side of the box, allowing for controlled rotation.


    Technical Parameter
    Model MD-L40
    Stacking Speed 4-5cycles/min
    Stacking Height Per Pallet Case height*Layers/Stack
    Max Load Per Layer 150KG
    MaX Load Per Pallet 1500KG
    Max Stacking Height 1800mm
    Eletric Power 15.3KW
    Compressed Air 600L/min
    Air Pressure 0.6Mpa

    Electric Configuration

    PLC Siemens
    Touch Screen Siemens
    Sensor SICK
    Servo Motor Panasonic
    Frequency Inverter Danfoss
    Cylinder SMC
    Solenoid Valve SMC
    Emergency Stop Schneider
    Low Voltage Electric Schneider
    Driving Motor SEW


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