Small Box Cartoning Machine

Specially designed for the small box packed goods which can pre-form the boxes, put the goods into the boxes,close and seal the box automatically. There are folding and glue sealing two options based on your packaging request.

  • Small Box Cartoning Machine
  • CSZ-100B small box cartoning machine

Features & Benefits

This cartoning machine boasts an automated delivery system that efficiently folds instruction booklets, opens cartons, packs objects and instructions, seals packages, and eliminates waste.

The cartoning machine is very easy to operate. 1-2 operators is enough, as most of the process is fully automatic.

Controlled by a PLC with a touch screen interface, making it user-friendly and easy to operate.

An electro-optical tracking system helps to save materials, while an empty package detection system ensures that only properly filled packages are sent out.

Adjusting the machine for different product sizes is easy and quick, without the need for mold changes.

Can be euipped with a aluminum plastic packaging machine, flow-pack wrapping machine, 3D packaging machine, bottling line, filling machine, labeling machine, inkjet printer, online weighing instrument etc.

Widely used in stationery packaging,Pharmaceutical,Food,Daily necessities packaging etc.

Applications where Small Box Cartoning Machine is used

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    Products Parts

    Automatic Feeding System

    Automatically feeding goods into the downstream unit in an efficient manner.

    Instruction Folding Device

    Folding the instruction paper sheets which is under the combined action of vacuum and compressed air.The folded paper sheet will be placed in position for cartoning by feeding chain.

    Carton Storage

    The carton store has a board that can move to adjust the package length. Both the front and back frame are connected by a slot hole in order to fit different packaging widths.


    German brand SICK infrared protector is able to detect and track the whole system automatically making sure this packaging machine runs normally.

    Pushing Device

    It pushes products and instruction booklets into cartons.

    Unqualified Products Rejection

    This part conveys the completed packages and eliminates unqualified ones. It quickly pushes packages off the conveyor to prevent them from being broken or damaged by chains.


    Technical Parameter
    Model CSZ-100B
    Packing speed 30-90cartons/min
    Size of package L(70-220)mm×W(14-90)mm×H(14-65)mm
    Cardboard material 250-350g/㎡
    Instruction material 60-70g/㎡
    Instruction size (Unfold) (80-150) x (90-170)mm
    Instruction size (Fold) (1-4) Fold
    Motor power 1.5kw
    Power supply 220V 50HZ
    Minimum Air pressure 0.6Mpa
    Air consumption 120-160L/min
    Maximum noise 80dB
    Overall dimension L3100mm×W1100mm×H1900mm
    Weight 1500Kg


    Electric Configuration

    PLC CPIE-N30DT-D/Omron
    PLC Extened Module CPIE-C1F11/Omron
    Touch Screen NB7W-TW00B/Omron
    Sensor E3Z-D61/Sick
    Frequency 3G3JZ-A4015/Omron
    Relay MY2 NJ24V/Omron
    Button XB2/Schneider
    Emergency Stop ZB2 BC4D/Schneider
    Electromagnetic Valve 4V210-08/Airtac
    Pressure Regulator Valve BFR-2000/Airtac
    Proximity Switch TL-Q5MC1/Omron
    AC contactor LC1E3210M5N/Schneider
    Air switch 3P32A 1P6A/Schneider
    Vaccum Sounder ABM20-C/SMC

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