Robotic palletizer

Robot palletizing is the automated process of stacking packaged products onto empty pallets in a specific order, facilitating the transport and handling of large quantities of products more efficiently. It reduces the need for manual labor, minimizes the risk of worker injury, and can be customized to suit various industries for safe and secure transport of products.

Features & Benefits

The system uses a PLC programmable computer controller, photoelectric switches, travel switches, pneumatic control, and other control systems to achieve precise mechanical movements and easy operation.

The palletizing system uses high-precision robots for operation, which are stable in action, have fewer malfunctions, and are durable.

The system has a simple structure and fewer components, resulting in a lower failure rate for components, reliable performance, easy maintenance, and fewer spare parts required in inventory.

Applications where Robotic palletizer is used

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    Products Parts

    Robot Main Machine

    We choose robot brands for a robotic palletizing system based on different customer budgets and production line requirements

    Product Gripper

    Product grippers for a robot palletizing system is to carefully analyze the customer’s product and speed requirements and choose a gripper type that can handle the product safely and efficiently, while also meeting the customer’s budget constraints.

    Gripping Platform

    the gripping platform of a robotic palletizing system using a stainless steel roller conveyor is to carefully consider the customer’s product and speed requirements and design a platform that can handle those requirements while integrating effectively with the overall system.

    Robot Palletizing Work Flow

    The workflow of a robotic palletizing system involves manually placing empty pallets, transporting products to the gripping position, arranging the products onto the pallet, and removing the completed pallet using suitable equipment.


    Technical Parameter
    Model MD-R40
    Speed 12-15second/cycle
    Max Load Weight Per Pallet 1500KGS
    Max Stacking Height 1600mm
    Power Consumption 15KW
    Air Pressure &bar
    Voltage 380V 50HZ 3Phrase
    Air Consumption 400L/min
    Weight 11000KG
    Overall Dimension L13600mm*W9500mm*H4300mm

    Electric Configuration

    PLC Siemens
    Touch Screen Siemens
    Sensor SICK
    Servo Motor Panasonic
    Frequency Inverter Danfoss
    Cylinder SMC
    Solenoid Valve SMC
    Emergency Stop Schneider
    Low Voltage Electric Schneider
    Driving Motor SEW
    Robot ABB


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