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We provide four main types of labeling machines: Sleeve labeling machine, Hot melt glue labeling machine, Self-adhesive labeling machine, and Cold glue labeling machine. Each machine is designed for different labeling requirements and products.

Our Equipments

Labeling machine is a specialized piece of equipment designed to automatically apply labels onto various products or containers, typically in a production or packaging line. The main function of a labeling machine is to accurately and efficiently apply labels to items, ensuring that they are properly identified, branded, or labeled according to the desired specifications.

Hot melt glue labeling machine

Fully automatic labeling solution that uses hot melt adhesive to apply labels onto containers.We have both linear and rotary type opp labeling machine.

Sleeve labeling machine

Sleeve labeling machines are widely used in the beverage industry due to their high efficiency and accuracy. It handle various of label materials such as PVC, PET, and OPS.

Adhesive labeling machine

Self-adhesive labeling machines are highly versatile and can be used to label a wide range of products, including bottles, cans, jars, and containers of different shapes and sizes. In this case, we have divided it into round bottle labeling ,double side labeling, bag labeling etc.

Cold glue labeling machine

Mainly designed to apply the pre-cut paper labels to products.Widely used for labeling beer, liquor, wine and other alcoholic beverages, as well as seasoning, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other industries.

Linear type opp labeling machine
Only applied for round bottles with the speed around 0-18000BPH.
Rotary type hot melt glue labeling machine
Can be applicable for both round, square and flat bottles with the different speed which can top to 36000BPH.
Single head sleeve labeling machine
Popular used in beverage industry which speed is around 0-450BPM.Equipped with the shrink tunnel to achieve the perfect labeling effect.
Double head sleeve labeling machine
Designed for label the bottle neck and body at the same time.
Cold glue labeling machine
Ideal labeling effect for paper labeled products,mostly used for glass bottles.
Round bottle adhesive labeling machine
Designed for round objects,we have both wrap around labeling and positioning labeling.
Double side sticker labeling machine
Widely used for the flat and suqare products which has front and back labeling requirments.
Top label applicator
Applicable for a various of products with the flat surface,such as box,flat bottle ect.
Plastic bag labeling machine
Specially designed for bag labeling,it can automatically feeding,labeling and collecting the bags.
Automatic vacuum pouch labelling machine
It is an upgrade bag labeling machine which can be applied to big size bags to automatically feeding and labeling.
Horizontal type round bottle labeler
it is a subdivision labeling machine from the standard round bottle labeling,mostly used for the ampoule bottle,oral liquid bottle and pens etc.
Manual labeling machine
The most economic sticker labeling machine,typically used for the wires and cables labeling request.

Pre-sales and After-sales services

Pre-Sales Services:

  • Design drawing
  • Precise quotation
  • Free-testing if necessary


After-sales Services:

  • 24 hours online after-sales services
  • Remote assistance for commissioning and installation

Cooperation Process

Inquiry received
Get a free quotation!
Customized design
Free drawing and machine recommendaction!
Verify design
Ensure the design and final quotation
Issue PI,get deposit and samples from customer
In production
Producing and commissioning
Acceptance,balance and delivery out.


Quality never compromised, ever.

Our packing machine undergoes a rigorous inspection process to ensure it meets our high standards of quality and performance.

Our packing machine meets rigorous industry standards and has obtained necessary certifications, ensuring quality, safety, and reliability for our customers.

Our refund and reorder policy ensures customer satisfaction. If any issues arise with our packing machine, we offer refunds or the option to reorder to ensure our customers receive a reliable product.

What Customers Say


Our labeling machines are versatile and can label a variety of products, including round objects, square objects and objects with flat surface etc.

There are sleeve labeling machine, hot melt glue labeling machine, self-adhesive labeling machine and cold glue labeling machine, can meet your different labeling request.

Yes, our labeling machines are compatible with various container materials, including plastic, glass, and metal.

Yes, it can handle various label sizes and shapes, including wrap-around, front and back, and top and bottom labels.

Our labeling machines use advanced sensors and precision mechanics to ensure accurate label position, even on irregularly shaped containers.

Yes, our engineer will provide free design for your checking before make the final quotation.

Lead time varies depending on the specific machine and production schedule, but typically takes 6-8 weeks.

We accept a variety of payment methods, including wire transfer, credit card, and PayPal.

We offer online technical support and troubleshooting services for the lifetime of our machines, as well as parts and service support.

Yes, we provide free online training for machine operation and maintenance to ensure our customers can use and maintain machines effectively.

We offer a 1-year warranty for all of our machines, with additional warranties available upon request.

What can be equipped with?


Automatic Economic,High-speed,Big bottle and semi auto type of blow molding machine can be customized as your request.

Water Filling Machine

We have water filling,hot filling and carbonated drink fill machine are available for your production request.

Wrap Around Carton packer

Wrap around case packer,drop type case packer and grip type carton packer are our main carton packing series.

Slow-speed shrink packing machine

There are slow-speed,medium-speed and high speed shrink wrapper machine can be choosed.

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