Pick Type Case Packer

This case packing machine is primarily designed for automatically packing bottles into case, and is suitable for the bottle packaging processes in beer and beverage production lines, as well as in other industries. It provides optimized solutions for efficient and reliable bottle packing.

Features & Benefits

The machine runs smoothly with a motor or cylinder that has a braking system to drive the box-loading mechanism. Its unique track structure enables bottles to be lifted and lowered with precision and stability.

The machine achieves high production efficiency by starting and stopping slowly and moving rapidly in between, thereby reducing non-working time and enhancing productivity.

The machine is easy to operate since it is fully automated and synchronized with the entire production line in terms of speed control.

The machine’s advanced technology, simple mechanical structure, and reliable pneumatic and electronic control systems make it a rational and efficient machine.

The machine is equipped with various safety features, such as protective covers, safety nets, and photoelectric safety protection devices that automatically stop the machine if an operator enters a dangerous area.

The machine is designed to meet strict hygiene standards as it operates with low noise and utilizes oil-free pneumatic components, thereby preventing oil pollution.

The machine operates reliably by using a gripper head to grab and release bottles with precision. Its mechanical, pneumatic, and electronic control systems ensure that bottles are accurately placed into boxes.

Applications where Pick Type Case Packer is used

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    Products Parts

    Bottle Gripper

    During operation, the gripper fingers of the grab-type carton packing machine will grip the products and then transfer them to the designated location of the packaging carton. The gripper can be adjusted according to different sizes of grips and different numbers of gripper fingers to accommodate products of different shapes and sizes, as well as different speeds.

    Sprocket Group

    The case packer sprocket group is designed with an RS80 chain drive, providing a high carrying capacity and stable transmission. The bilateral symmetrical design further enhances the stability and balance of the system.

    Calibration Mechanism

    The case packaging machine is equipped with a calibration mechanism that is designed to facilitate easier and more precise adjustments for customers.


    Technical Parameter
    Model ZX-20
    Speed 0-25pcs/min
    Power Supply 3.5KW
    Working Pressure Cylinder 0.3Mpa
    Air Pressure 0.5Mpa
    Air Consumption 600NL/min
    Overall Dimension L1500mm*W1250mm*H1840mm
    Weight 3000kg

    Electric Configuration

    PLC Siemens
    Touch Screen Siemens
    Sensor SICK
    Drive Motor Omate
    Frequency Inverter Schneider
    Cylinder Airtac
    Solenoid Valve Airtac
    Emergency Stop Schneider
    Low Voltage Electric Schneider


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