High-speed shrink packing machine

The high-speed shrink wrapper operates at a high speed, capable of wrapping products rapidly and efficiently. It is designed for high-volume production lines, where it can handle a large number of products in a short amount of time, maximizing productivity.

Features & Benefits

Sleek and aesthetic appearance, with a novel and unique structure that is easy to maintain. Equipped with 2 sets of pneumatic expansion support film rolls and electronic induction film transport for smooth and quick film feeding and replacement.

Utilizes 5 sets of servo motor control system from Austria’s B&R, with 2 servos for the package separation mechanism, 1 servo for the main spindle, 1 servo for film cutting, and 1 servo for film feeding, ensuring a stable and reliable system.

Unique “vibration and shaking” bottle separation method to smoothly guide products into separate lanes, avoiding bottle jamming.

The bottle entry conveyor and main machine are 1.6 meters longer than those of competitors, facilitating orderly arrangement of bottles, increasing the number of film gripping rods, reducing the line speed of the conveyor chain, and enhancing equipment durability.

The shrink chamber features unique cyclic airflow technology for multi-directional airflow control, with adjustable wind speed and outlet position, significantly improving shrinkage efficiency.

Equipped with an LCD color screen from Austria’s B&R for a user-friendly interface and quick parameter setting.

Products Parts

Bottle Feeding Conveyor

The bottle conveyor is composed of rolling guardrail, bottle separating plates, and multi-section conveyor belts, which are used to separate bottles.

Bottle Sorting Device

It is used to group bottles according to packaging requirements, and then push the grouped bottles forward.

Shrink Film Wrapping Device

Automatically wrap the shrink films onto the grouped bottles,and cutter the film.

Shrink Tunnel

The shrink tunnel consists of a heating and shrinking section, which is responsible for heating and shrinking the wrapped packaging materials. Uses heat to uniformly shrink the film at a set temperature, tightly conforming it to the surface of the bottles.

Cooling Device

Enhanced cooling shaping passage quickly turns the packaging membrane into a high-strength status for convenient storage and transportation.

Conveyor System

Transfer fully packaged items onto a gravity conveyor; the gravity conveyor can serve as temporary storage for easy stacking or handling by personnel.


Technical Parameter
Model MB-45
Speed Around 35-45packs/min
Conveyor Width 684mm
Shrink Chamber L2500mm x W700mm x H450mm
Shrink Temperature 200℃-280℃
Packing Form 3*4, 4*6,or customized as your request
Max Packing Size L460mm x W280mm x H345mm
Packing Material LDPE
Film Requirment Film roll width less than 580mm, thickness 0.06-0.10mm roll diameter less than 400mm
Air Consumption 80—100NL/min
Working Voltage 3Phase 5Line,380V 48KW
Working Pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
Machine Size L17685 x W1800 x 2500mm
Weight 5500kg

Electric Configuration

PLC B&R/Austria
Touch screen B&R/Austria
Servo motor B&R/Austria
Film feeding motor B&R/Austria
Spindle motor B&R/Austria
Cutter servo motor B&R/Austria
Frequency Schneider/France
Contactor Siemens/Germany
Intermediate relay Schneider/France
Photoelectric AUTONICS/Korea
Cylinder FESTO/Germany
Pressure regulating valve SMC/Japan
Conveyor gear motor SEW/Germany


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