Rotary labeling machine

The Full Automatic Rotary Hot Melt Roll-Fed Labeling Machine is designed to suit various industries such as mineral water, soft drinks, seasonings, and more. It boasts several advantages, including reduced glue consumption, prolonged label sticking, high labeling precision, and more.

What is the Rotary labeling machine

Rotary labeling machine is a type of labeling machine that applies labels to products as they move along a rotating conveyor. This type of machine is commonly used in industries where high-speed labeling of cylindrical or round-shaped containers is required, such as the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries. The rotary motion allows for continuous labeling of products, increasing efficiency and throughput.

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Features & Benefits

This machine is suitable for continuous label pasting using a local glue application method, which has low glue consumption and operating costs.

Due to its high design precision, strict processing requirements, and meticulous assembly, the machine has excellent stability during operation, and its production capacity can reach 24,000 bottles per hour.

The machine is designed in a rotary style, with a compact structure, beautiful appearance, and standard materials used.

The labeling station is the heart of the machine, and the carefully designed station can achieve constant tension conveyance of the label, automatic label correction, internal matching of labeling speed (composite speed of machine rotation speed and bottle rotation speed), no label, no glue function, and normal labeling before and after bottle type change.

The main machine adopts an upper-cam design, which makes it easy to change the bottle type. The machine head adopts a pneumatic clamping method, which facilitates the adjustment of the main machine height.

The automatic control system adopts PLC overall control, which integrates the servo system, frequency conversion system, constant temperature system, and other control points.

Applications where Rotary labeling machine is used

  • Liner OPP application
    Sample 2
  • Liner OPP Application
    Sample 3
  • Sample 4
  • Sample 1

    Products Parts

    Label Traction Roller

    The machine is equipped with a servo motor that drives the gear transmission, which in turn rotates the traction roller. The label is clamped between the traction roller and the rubber roller, and thus is pulled by the roller. The rubber roller is equipped with a manually adjustable device that clamps the label to prevent slipping.

    Screw Conveyer

    The screw conveyor section is driven by the bottle feeding wheel’s gear, which drives the pulley to rotate, transmitting power to the screw gear box. The screw gear then drives the screw conveyor to achieve the function of fixed-distance and bottle separation.

    Standard Station Platform

    The components of the labeling station provide fixed support, and the position and height of the labeling station platform need to be adjusted accordingly when changing bottle types and label heights.

    Bottle Pressure System

    The bottle pressing heads that move in the cam track. As the bottles rotate in the large turntable, they are stably pressed onto the bottle holders by the pressing heads. The elastic pressing heads ensure that the bottles are continuously and tightly pressed at the mouth throughout the adjustable range of bottle heights.

    Bottle Boost Drive

    The bottle holders that are evenly distributed on the large turntable. The bottle holders can be changed according to the bottle type and are capable of accommodating circular and square bottles up to 5L in volume (with other replaceable parts).

    Hot Melt Glue Coating Device

    Using the roller coating method for glue application is more efficient than the spraying method as it ensures a more uniform and generous application of cloth glue, resulting in a smoother and stronger joint.

    Touch Screen

    A well-designed man-machine interface can display the current status of the machine, production information, hot melt adhesive and suction temperature readings, standard drum messages, and provide clear instructions for handling various alarm messages. This user-friendly interface allows operators to quickly troubleshoot any issues and manually start or restart the machine during debugging bids with ease.

    Electronic Cabinet

    The control cabinet receives signals from sensors, the touch screen interface, and other components of the machine, and then processes this information to control the labeling process. It controls the movements of the labeling head, the cutting knife, the conveyor belt, and other components of the machine to ensure accurate and consistent labeling.


    Technical Parameter
    Model OPP-R18
    Labeling speed 24000BPH (500ml)
    Labeling material OPP/BOPP
    Applicable bottle Both round and square shaped bottles
    Applicable label length 125-500mm
    Applicable label height 20-140mm
    Air consumption 0.2m3/min
    Air compression 5-8Bar
    Glue Comsumption 1KG glue for 100000pcs(label height at 50mm)
    Power supply 8KW
    Voltage 380V,50HZ
    Overall dimension L1942mm×W1742mm×H1920mm
    Weight 3500Kg

    Electric Configuration

    PLC Schneider/France
    Touch Screen Schneider/France
    Sensor SICK/Germany
    Servo system Schneider/France
    Encoder SICK/Germany
    Promixity switch Schneider/France
    Contactor Schneider/France
    Low voltage electrical appliances Schneider/France
    Security Moule Schneider/France
    Limit switch Schneider/France
    Adapter Schneider/France
    Relay Schneider/France

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