Top labeling machine

A top adhesive labeling machine, also known as a top label applicator or top labeler, is a machine used to apply labels to the top surface of products. It is typically used in industries such as food and beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals, where labeling accuracy and consistency are crucial for product identification and traceability.

Features & Benefits

Printing and packaging, catering industry, food industry, daily chemical industry, clothing industry, pharmaceutical industry, office stationery, plastic hardware.

Products with flat surface.

Automatically separating and feeding bags on to the conveyor for labeling.

The main materials of the equipment are stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy, with a solid and elegant overall structure,simple operation and maintenance.

The equipment is customized according to customer samples, with a labeling accuracy of +1mm, which can be adjusted within the technical specifications.

The structure is small and occupies a small area, which is convenient for equipment movement and placement. The equipment includes positioning devices, fault alarm production counting and an optional printing functions, etc.

Applications where Top labeling machine is used

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    Products Parts

    Labeling Head

    This is the part of the machine that applies the label to the product. The labeling head typically includes a labeling mechanism that dispenses the label onto the product and a conveyor that moves the product through the machine.


    The sensor sends signals to the machine’s control system, which uses the information to adjust the labeling position and ensure that the label is applied precisely and consistently. It can also detect errors such as missing labels or misaligned products, triggering an alert or automatic shutdown to prevent further issues.

    Touch Screen

    The touch screen is equipped with intuitive and responsive controls that allow operators to adjust various parameters such as labeling speed, label placement, and label size. It may also feature advanced functions such as automatic label detection, label counting, and error logging.

    Conveyor System

    It is an important component, which transports the products to be labeled from one position to the labeling position, ensuring smooth transportation of the products and accurate labeling.can be adjusted and customized according to the size and shape of different products.

    Electrical Control Cabinet

    he Electrical Control Cabinet of the adhesive labeling machine is an essential component that houses the electronic control system responsible for regulating and monitoring the machine’s operation. It typically consists of a metal enclosure that is designed to protect the sensitive electronic components from damage and environmental factors.


    Technical Parameter
    Model BGJ-P220
    Labeling speed 60-200pcs/min
    Labeling material Self-adhesive sticker, opaque or transparent label
    Applicable product size L:40-300mm,W:40-240mm,Height:10-100mm
    Applicable label size L:10-200mm,W:10-160mm
    Labeling precision +/-1mm(exclude the product and label deviation)
    Power supply 220V 50HZ
    Overall dimension L1600mm×W600mm×H1500mm
    Weight 250Kg

    Electric Configuration

    PLC FX3sA-30MT/Mitsubidhi
    Touch Screen TK6070iP/Weinview
    Sensor D10BFP/Banner
    Labeling Motor 2S86Q-030B8/KINCO
    Labeling Motor Drive 2M860/KINCO
    Converyor Motor D63B14-0.18KW+FB/Li-ming
    Frequency converter S800-2S0.4G/SAVCH
    Emergency Stop XB2-BS542/Omron
    Relay LY2N-J 24VDC/Omron


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