Drop Case Packer

Our drop-type automatic case packer machine is an effective solution for streamlining transportation and packaging processes by packing finished products into cases with a predetermined arrangement

Features & Benefits

Our drop carton packaging machines deliver reliable performance, with high-quality and visually appealing packaging.

Use internationally renowned components, to make our machines easy to operate and maintain.

Our control system ensures smooth operation and protects against malfunctions or accidents.

The machines are highly portable and suitable for a wide range of products.

They use advanced technology for automation and user-friendly interfaces.

Customized non-standard designs are available, and safety features include automatic shut-off in case of missing bottles.

Pneumatic sorting mechanisms arrange products as specified.

Applications where Drop Case Packer is used

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    Products Parts

    Bottle Conveying Group

    The mechanism serves to organize and align the products transported along the conveyor, ensuring they are neatly positioned for subsequent processing at the bottle drop workstation. Essentially, the device streamlines the movement of products along the production line, optimizing workflow and productivity.

    Bottle Pushing Group

    This mechanism is to facilitate the seamless transfer of products from the bottle-dropping workstation into the bottle-receiving group. When the product reaches the designated work position, the device is activated to carefully and accurately push it into the container. By ensuring consistent and reliable product placement, the bottle pushing group helps to optimize the bottling process, reducing errors and improving overall efficiency.

    Case Packer Drawing

    A gravity-based drop case packer relies on gravity and a track system to pack products into case quickly and efficiently. Its simple design allows for easy maintenance and fast operation.


    Technical Parameter
    Model ZX-15
    Speed 12-15pcs/min
    Power Supply 3KW
    Working Noise less than 75db
    Applible Container Round container or Square Container
    Air Consumption around 0.9m3/minute
    Overall Dimension L5000mm*W1000mm*H1650mm
    Weight 1200kg


    Electric Configuration

    PLC Schneider
    Touch Screen Schneider
    Sensor SICK
    Gear Motor ECERGEAR
    Frequency Inverter Schneider
    Cylinder Airtac
    Solenoid Valve Airtac
    Emergency Stop Schneider
    Low Voltage Electric Schneider

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