Manual labeling machine

This flag labeling machine can handle a variety of materials including round wires, flat wires, round tubes, flag shapes, lollipops, flower branches, and optical cables.

Features & Benefits

Mostly used for cables,wires and other small cylindrical objects.

Used to apply labels in a ‘flag’ format, where the two ends of the label are joined to form a flag section on the product.

The format is commonly used to allow extended label information to that which would be possible if the label was placed only on the product itself.

The structure is small and occupies a small area, which is convenient for equipment movement and placement.

Applications where Manual labeling machine is used

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    Products Parts

    Label Roll Holder

    Composed of label supply plate and label roll, used to hold rolls of label material.

    Cylinder For Labeling

    There are two cylinder system,one is for fix the position of product,another automatically moves up and down to complete the labeling action.

    Main Machine Adjustable Device

    Used to adjust the front and rear position of the main machine for folding effects.

    Air Source Processor

    A three-in-one air source filter that regulates air pressure and filters out moisture from the air source.

    Photoelectric Detection Device

    Detects and recognizes gaps between labels to trigger motor reset and stop.

    Paper Collection Mechanism

    Composed of paper collection tray, paper collection axle, and other parts, used to collect waste paper after labeling.


    Technical Parameter
    Model BGJ-C50
    Labeling speed 20-40pcs/min
    Labeling material Self-adhesive sticker, opaque or transparent label
    Applicable product diameter 1-8mm
    Applicable label size L:5-40mm,W:20-60mm
    Labeling precision +/-1mm(exclude the product and label deviation)
    Power supply 220V 50/60HZ
    Overall dimension L850mm×W340mm×700mm
    Weight 36KG

    Electric Configuration

    Sensor D10BFP/Banner
    Labeling Motor 2S86Q-030B8/KINCO
    Labeling Motor Drive 2M860/KINCO
    Converyor Motor D63B14-0.18KW+FB/Li-ming
    Frequency converter S800-2S0.4G/SAVCH
    Emergency Stop XB2-BS542/Omron
    Relay LY2N-J 24VDC/Omron


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