Medium-speed shrink packing machine

A medium-speed shrinking wrapping machine running at a moderate speed, making it ideal for small to medium-sized production lines.Can be used for kinds of bottles.

Features & Benefits

Specially designed for fully automated packaging production lines for beer, beverages, pure water, fruit juice, dairy products, and more.

Features full automatic functions including bottle transferring and arranging, membrane packing, sealing and cutting, shrinking, cooling, and shaping.

Quick seal cooling structure ensures higher strength of seals, even in high-speed production conditions

Enhanced cooling shaping passage quickly turns the packaging membrane into a high-strength status for convenient storage and transportation.

Original imported guide bar cylinder guarantees correct and durable operation.

Inductive switch controls the membrane transfer system for reliable adjustment and control of membrane transferring length with minimal loss.

Frequency changing devices control the transfer system for stable and smooth transfer speed.

Enhanced cooling shaping passage quickly turns the packaging membrane into a high-strength status for convenient storage and transportation.

Applications where Medium-speed shrink packing machine is used

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    Products Parts

    Bottle Feeding Conveyor

    The bottle conveyor is composed of rolling guardrail, bottle separating plates, and multi-section conveyor belts, which are used to separate bottles.

    Bottle Sorting Device

    It is used to group bottles according to packaging requirements, and then push the grouped bottles forward.

    Shrink Film Wrapping Device

    Automatically wrap the shrink films onto the grouped bottles,and cutter the film.

    Shrink Tunnel

    The shrink tunnel consists of a heating and shrinking section, which is responsible for heating and shrinking the wrapped packaging materials. Uses heat to uniformly shrink the film at a set temperature, tightly conforming it to the surface of the bottles.

    Touch Screen

    The touch screen of a shrink packing machine is a modern and convenient interface that simplifies the operation of the machine, allowing operators to easily control and monitor the packaging process for efficient and effective shrink wrapping.


    Technical Parameter
    Model MB-20
    Speed 18-20packs/min
    Conveyor Width 541mm
    Shrink Chamber L1800mm x W650mm x H450mm
    Shrink Temperature 170℃-200℃
    Packing Form 3*4, 4*6,or customized as your request
    Max Packing Size L600mm x W400mm x H350mm
    Packing Material LDPE
    Film Requirment Film roll width less than 580mm, thickness 0.04-0.10mm roll diameter less than 400mm
    Air Consumption 350NL/min
    Working Voltage 3Phase 5Line,380V 24KW
    Working Pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
    Machine Size L13840xW1100xH2100mm

    Electric Configuration

    PLC B&R/Austria
    Touch screen B&R/Austria
    Servo motor B&R/Austria
    Film feeding motor B&R/Austria
    Spindle motor B&R/Austria
    Cutter servo motor B&R/Austria
    Frequency Schneider/France
    Contactor Siemens/Germany
    Intermediate relay Schneider/France
    Photoelectric AUTONICS/Korea
    Cylinder FESTO/Germany
    Pressure regulating valve SMC/Japan
    Conveyor gear motor SEW/Germany


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