Hot Filling Machine

Our juice filling machine is an essential piece of packing equipment for any beverage production line that requires the filling of high-temperature liquids. It is designed to be efficient, accurate, and reliable, and it can help to ensure that the beverage products are of high quality and safe for consumption

Features & Benefits

The machine is designed to perform three functions, including washing, filling, and capping of bottles or containers.

The machine can fill and cap a large number of bottles or containers at a high speed, resulting in increased production efficiency.

The machine is equipped with sensors and control systems that enable it to operate automatically, reducing the need for manual intervention.

The machine is designed with simple and easy-to-maintain components, making it easy to clean and repair.

The machine may have customizable settings that allow operators to adjust the filling and capping parameters to meet their specific production requirements.

The machine is constructed with materials that meet food-grade standards, ensuring the safety and quality of the final product.

The filling equipment for fruit juice beverages features a human-machine interface touch screen control system with automatic lid supply control, temperature monitoring and automatic alarm for high temperatures, automatic stoppage and backflow for low temperatures, no lid no filling, waiting for bottles to be filled, and automatic stoppage for lid shortage.

Applications where Hot Filling Machine is used

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    Products Parts

    Washing Part

    The washing section of the filling machine responsible for washing bottles is a rotary bottle washing. It is primarily used for rinsing new bottles for beverages and drinking water. The main structure of the equipment that comes into contact with the rinsing medium and the external cover is made of stainless steel, including the stainless steel clamps. The machine has a simple structure that is easy to adjust, and the contact area with the bottle neck is minimal, reducing the risk of secondary pollution. Furthermore, the machine has a water collection tray to recycle the rinsing water.

    Filling Part

    The filling section is responsible for filling the material into the washed bottles provided by the bottle washing machine, using a pressure filling and negative pressure reflux method. This filling method is quick and responsive, and provides high precision filling. The filling valve has no spring, so the material does not come into contact with the spring and can be easily cleaned. To ensure the filling process and to address filling issues, the filling valve is designed to maintain a slight backflow of material when there is no bottle present or when the machine is stopped. The filling cylinder adopts a full-cylinder filling method to ensure the stability of pressure inside the cylinder.

    Capping Part

    The capping section is powered by a reduction gearbox which drives the turntable to rotate, causing the caps to be expelled from the hopper by the centrifugal force. A positive and negative cap separation device is situated at the outlet. If a negative cap is detected, it is automatically blown back into the hopper by an air current. Only positive caps can enter the chute and be conveyed to the cap feeding tray. The number of caps in the hopper is detected by photoelectric switches which control the cap conveyor and ensure that capping is performed effectively. To prevent accidents, an anti-reverse mechanism is installed on the chute, and a pair of photoelectric switches are positioned to stop the machine immediately if no cap is detected.


    Technical Parameter
    Model PGF-18-18-6 PGF24-24-8 PGF32-32-12 PGF40-40-12
    Capacity 5000BPH 8000BPH 10000BPH 12000BPH
    Air Pressure 0.7Mpa 0.7Mpa 0.7Mpa 0.7Mpa
    Air Consumption 0.8m3/min 1.0m3/min 1.2m3/min 1.5m3/min
    Working Location rinse 18 filler 18 capper 6 rinse 24 filler 24 capper 8 rinse 32 filler 32 capper 12 rinse 40 filler 40 capper 12
    Voltage 380V 380V 380V 380V
    Power 5.18KW 6.58KW 8.18KW 9.18KW
    Bottle Volume 350ml-1500ml 350ml-1500ml 350ml-1500ml 350ml-1500ml
    Machine Dimension L2300*W1680*H2100mm³ L2850*W2300*H2500mm³ L3550*W2650*H2700mm³ L4360*W3300*H2700mm³
    Weight 3500KGS 5500KGS 6000KGS 6800KGS


    Electric Configuration

    PLC Mitsubishi
    Touch Screen Mitsubishi
    Frequency Converter Mitsubishi
    Motor Taian
    Contactor Schneider
    Hot Relay Schneider
    Approaching Switch Schneider
    Photoeletric Switch Autonics
    Pneumatic Components Airtac


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