The Working Principle of Carton Opening Machine and the Daily Troubleshooting Method

The Working Principle of Carton Opening Machine and the daily Troubleshooting Method

The carton opening machine, which is also called automatic carton making and closing machine, makes the packing process easier and faster in many industries, including the food and beverage, makeup, and electronics industries.

Manual tasks are time-consuming and costly, especially in businesses that use big boxes.

By using a box opening machine, a business can be more productive and improve its image as a whole.

How a machine for opening boxes works

1. Making boxes automatically:

The box opening machine folds cartons, seals the bottom, and puts glue on them automatically.

This combined method makes sure that the packing process goes smoothly and quickly.

The machine works well, is of good quality, runs smoothly, and will last for a long time.

It also lets you change the size of the box by hand in 1–2 minutes without having to stop the machine.

The machine uses an upright storage method for cardboard, so there is always a steady supply of box sheets.

2. How it Works: 

The machine for opening cartons follows an automatic method for packing.

It starts with boxes being put together automatically, then glue is added and the bottom is sealed.

This simplified process makes it easier for workers to get things done in the packing process.

The box opening machine is great at handling cartons in a quick and regular way.

Handling Common Daily Faults of the Carton Opening Machine

Even though the box opening machine has a lot of good uses, it sometimes breaks down because it works so hard.

But many of these problems can be fixed with easy steps.

So, the company that makes carton-opening machines shares some of the most common problems and how to fix them:

1. Issue: Reduced Suction Power of Vacuum Cups:

Vacuum cups don’t have as much suction power as they used to.

When the cups are used over and over, dust and paper scraps can build up, reducing the suction power and making it hard to hold the boxes.

Solution: Clean the dust and dirt off the vacuum filters near the suction cups to make sure air flows smoothly.

2. Failure of Cutting Tape:

The device that cuts and seals the tape on the tape spreader moves and seals a lot, often more than 10,000 times a day. This could make it hard to cut sometimes.

Solution: Clean the cutting area often and put rubbing oil on it to keep it running smoothly and stop it from rusting.

3. Issue: Chain Transmission:

Chain transmission is an important part of the carton-opening machine that connects the motor units.

Lubrication is needed on a regular basis to keep it working.

If the machine moves in an odd way while it’s running, it means the chain is loose and needs to be tightened right away to keep the machine aligned and make it last longer.

4. The quality of the box:

How well the closing machine works is greatly affected by how hard and stiff the box material is.

When thin and soft box boards bend, they often do so in a diamond shape.

It is best to use boxes made from good cardboard.

If the box starts to look like a diamond, move the front and back carton pushers to smooth the box and make it look like a square.

Even though the box opening machine has a lot of benefits for companies, it needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly to fix and avoid problems that happen every day.

By making sure the machine works right, companies can get the most out of it and keep the packing process running smoothly.

Today, improve how well you package. Contact us to find out how a box opening machine can help you save time and money and make your business run more smoothly.


What is a machine that opens boxes?

A carton opening machine is a machine that opens and flattens cardboard boxes. It is used in many businesses to speed up the packing process.

What are the pros of using a machine to open cartons?

Some of the most important benefits are greater output, lower labour costs, more efficient packing, less product damage, and better general process.

Can a machine that opens cartons handle different sizes of cartons?

Yes, most carton-opening tools are flexible and can handle a wide range of box shapes, making them useful for different packing needs.

How does a machine that opens boxes work?

Most tools that open boxes grab and unfold cases by using mechanical arms or force. They use sensors and buttons to make sure that the cartons are opened quickly and accurately.

Is it easy to use a machine that opens cartons?

Yes, new tools for opening cartons are made to be easy to use. They usually have easy-to-use buttons and settings that can be changed so that they are easy to set up and use.

Can a machine for opening cartons work with other packing tools?

Yes, many box opening machines are made to work with other packing machines, like filling, closing, or labelling systems, so they can be used together to make a fully automatic package line.

Is it safe to use a machine to open a carton?

Yes, safety features like emergency stop keys, safety guards, and monitors are built into box opening tools to keep operators safe while they work.

What kind of care does a box opening machine need?

It is suggested that key parts be cleaned, oiled, and checked regularly to keep them running at their best. Manufacturers usually give upkeep instructions and help.

Can a box opening machine be changed to fit the needs of a certain type of packaging?

Yes, some makers let you change things about the machine, like the size of the boxes, how fast it works, and what other features it has, so that it fits your packing needs.

How do I know which box opening machine is right for my business?

When choosing a carton opening machine, you should think about things like the amount of output, the range of box sizes, the level of automation you want, your budget, and how reliable the machine is. Talking to experts or vendors can help you make a good choice.